Hello, my name is Xin.


I am an excellent, experienced coach of Ping Pong and Tai Chi.


I offer Ping Pong and Tai Chi lessons for all ages and all levels.


I am happy to help you or your child with conversational Mandarin also.



Xin Huang Tai Chi and Ping Pong


Tai Chi

I teach the standard and beautiful of Chen style Tai Chi.


Ping Pong

I teach all the basic skills and tactics of Ping Pong.





Trust me to take your goals seriously, and to help you achieve them.


Text me at 510.219.2877 or email me at


Tell me a little about yourself and your interests.


My studio is located 2025 Blake St. Berkeley.



About Me

Since coming to the US I have trained many students, one of them won a champion at the US Open.


I was attracted to the beauty of Chen style tai chi many years ago, and have been practicing it ever since.


In China I was a university teacher of engineering. I have always enjoyed my teaching activities.